Albums and Canvases

Dear Clients! Please note, that all albums and canvases will consist from the photos that you purchase, and prices for albums and canvases did not include prices for additional photos. If you wish to print canvases from pictures that you didn’t purchase yet additional charges will apply.

Photobook 20×20 cm1000 AED
Photobook 30×30 cm1500 AED
Lyve Canvas 20×30 cms 175 AED
Lyve Canvas 40×60 cms 370 AED
Lyve Canvas 60×90 cms 645 AED
Lyve Canvas 80×120 cms 1125 AED
If you want to have all pictures from
the session (with color correction only)
200 AED
If you want to have more photos than
package includes (with retouch) 
50 AED each
additional photo